ch-ch-changes (new name and shop my wardrobe!)

Hi all! As you may or may not have noticed, there have been a few changes around Jules Adele...

...namely that it has a new name!

Yes, just shy of my second anniversary of blogging, I've decided to go for it and buy my own domain name. I'd never really planned on keeping "Jules Adele" for that long, anyway. For one, I'd actually hoped for it to be "Julia Adele," which is my real/official/don't-call-me-Jules-unless-you-know-me name. And while I do enjoy the trend of people using their first and middle names as their blog names, I knew that my blog would never veer far from its fashion purpose, so why not just get a name that emphasizes that? And so The Style Hive was born.

I'm hoping you know by now that bees are kind of like my signature. See here, here, here, oh and here. If you don't know the origin story (lol as if I'm some kind of, X-Woman...), it's basically that, while I was literally nameless for the first two weeks I was born, as soon as my parents named me Julia I was called "JuJuBee." Almost everyone in my family and my close friends calls me JuJuBee, or some variation of it including "Juge" (my personal fave), "JuJu," "the bee monster," etc. Bees have always decorated some aspect of my life and I don't foresee any stop to that. Plus "style" and "hive" kinda rhyme and a hive is like a headquarters for the queen bee to boss all her male minions around or, in my more relevant case, to post my outfits and my constant stream of wishlists.  


The other new change is a bit more subtle. I've taken to cleaning my room and closet a lot more frequently these days, so I'm finding more and more items that just don't have a place in my wardrobe anymore. I've tended to give all of my unwanted clothes away (to friends or charity) and once in a while I've sold them to thrift shops. The latter hasn't been so successful, however, so I've decided to give the website Poshmark a try. I've heard good things and though I've only been using it for 24 hours, I already think it's pretty nifty. I only have a couple things up for sale now (mainly pieces from Anthropologie!) but I'm planning on adding more and more all the time. If you'd like to take a look at what I'm selling (so far nothing is over $100), wander on over to my page:


  1. "a hive is like a headquarters for the queen bee to boss all her male minions around" hahaha I LOVE IT!!! And I love the new header, it is beautiful!! yay!


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