Watch This Wednesday: Time To Go To Work

It seems insensitive and false to try and keep on like nothing has happened. Like all the tragedies that have affected every part of the world had a set duration, a time limit, to be mourned and then pushed aside in favor of picking up our normal lives again. Only natural, of course. Balancing large-scale tragedy and our "normal" lives is almost too much. Can we be blamed if we all go back to watching Netflix, playing with our pets, stressing about work that, in the grand scheme of things, is ultimately infinitesimal? I don't think so. But it's at the these times that I always turn to what my favorite authors have to say. I find that writers whose works I admire can have a guiding presence in other areas of my life than just my love of literature. So here is Toni Morrison speaking on how to keep pushing, keep working, in the face of political and social tragedy and hardship.


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