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Haven't done a wishlist in a while, so here's everything that I've had open in my tabs for weeks. Now I can close them all...right after I mull over buying them some more. Didn't even realize as I was putting this together that I made outfits in each row! Look at that. And I guess I could even go further and say I arranged them based on travel: that top row is for casual days in Cleveland as the weather starts to get cool (I neeed that turtleneck sweater dress), the middle row is for glamming it up in New York with an adorable travel guide from Anthropologie, and the last row is for an upcoming trip to England, complete with the cutest lil Double Decker bag you ever did see.
 That gorgeous multicolored faux fur coat has been tempting me for weeks. I've tried it on multiple times in the store, gone back, didn't buy it, and finally went determined to purchase it yesterday. Only for it to be gone. Did I give up? No, I bought an Auntie Anne's pretzel and headed to a different store location, where they again did not have it, and proceeded to call other store locations until one did and now I am happy to say it is on its way to me. Phew. The moral of this story, guys, is if you really love something, don't wait. That can apply to relationships I guess, but I'm thinking more discounted coats and like, gooey chocolate cake.
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