style on screen: scream queens

Not sure why I'm only deciding to make posts about the fashions of my favorite TV shows now, or why I'm starting with Scream Queens (when I could have started with my old standbys like Pretty Little Liars or The Mindy Project...) Maybe it's because Ryan Murphy's latest show is all bright shiny and new. Either way, let's do this.


My number one favorite styling so far on the show? Fur. Lots, and lots of fur. Obviously it's faux...right? I'm hoping so. Cause I really don't want to be loving on looks at the cost of dead animals. ANYWAY the fur came in so many different colors, from pastels to fall-appropriate darks. And I want them all.

What kept me watching the show as the ridiculousness escalated? Nick Jonas, of course. KeKe Palmer. She is the show's saving grace so far. And her outfits? Killer. Uh, in like the good way.


Apparently, with his show, Ryan Murphy is making one very loud statement: that newsboy caps are back. (Okay and maybe some other statements on sororities and cliques and holding grudges, yada yada.) But, seriously, newsboy caps? Ryan Murphy is falsely leading his viewers back into this dangerous territory. Caps on the golfers are one thing, sure, (especially if one such golfer is Nick Jonas...) but to wear out on a date? or out in public at all anywhere? Hard pass.


I mean, obviously.


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