rompin around brooklyn

Romper: In God We Trust (sold out, similar) / Necklace: Marc Jacobs / Lipstick: Topshop 'Rio Rio'
Shoes: Hinge (similar) / Purse: Kate Spade / Sunglasses: Karen Walker

A big #FBF here...these photos were taken almost two months ago! Sorry I've dropped the ball a bit on the blog, friends. I've been adjusting to the 6-3 life then unadjusting and now who really knows even anymore. The romper I'm wearing even went back to Brooklyn without me for a bit (a result of my wearing it nonstop as soon as I got it and then jamming the zipper...oops). Anywhoo it might even be time to overwear this outfit again since it's somehow gotten hot again. Ugh. I had just gotten my sweaters out from the attic, too.

Anyway back to actually interesting things - like my visit to the Brooklyn Museum. I mostly wanted to go for the Basquiat exhibition but there ended up being so many more exciting pieces that pour Jean-Michel got pushed to the side a bit. I'd never been to the Brooklyn Museum before and was so happily surprised at all the pieces they had by some of my most favorite artists, like Kara Walker:
The Guerrilla Girls:
And of course, Judy Chicago:

I really need to stop posting old photos because 1) it's just lazy and bad blogger etiquette but more importantly 2) it just makes me want to go back to New York even more than I already do (which is constantly). Anyway I hope you all are doing well. And let's hope the weather really does start changing soon, because I've already taken all my sweaters out of storage!!! Let's go fall I'm ready for you!!!

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