Wednesday / Watch This

So last week I was trying to come up with another way to fill the blog while I am temporarily without my camera/the time to take photos. So obviously I thought - another feature! I already online window shop enough as it is, why not compile a shoppable post and share it? So that's what I did last week - "Wishlist Wednesday" or "Wednesday Wishlist" or whatever I settled on. But see, I tend to my blog when I get back from a full day of working and training - it's my personal project in my down time. And that's how it should be! It's good and important to have little things that you do because you enjoy them, even if they have no greater meaning.

But - but. I also feel so guilty about blogging (heh me feeling guilty, what else is new?) because it seems so shallow. It's so incredibly self-indulgent and superficial. Making a list of all the pretty things I want but really, really, really don't need? That just makes me feel horrible. And that's just me! Of course I read and absorb other blogs and don't think that. But it's so strange for me to come back from my work day and like, shed off all of the important discussions and actions I'd seen and had throughout the day. 

SO what is all this whiny, guilt-ridden rambling coming to? Well I've decided to upend my "Wednesday" feature (which, lol, was barely a thing to begin with) and replace it with a space for important and thought-provoking videos on problems of poverty, race, education, and more. Basically what I learn in my Teach for America sessions, I'll share here. So for the first one, I chose a slam poetry performance by a D.C. student about the ways his education has affected his relationship with his identity and with language. Please watch and share if you feel so inclined!


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