shining like the brightest star

Dress: Coco Fennell / Jacket: Vintage (similar, similar) / Shoes: Target (right????)
Bag: Kate Spade / Cuff: Madewell (similar) / Lipstick: MAC 'Ruby Woo'

This post could alternatively be titled "stoop kid." But since this was the outfit I wore to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway I figured I'd use a lyric from the finale song (which will have you swaying and crying and lifting up your hands until, by God, Rebecca Naomi Jones and Darren Criss tell you to stop). I went to New York two weekends ago to meet up with my friend Abby to see Hedwig (and Darren), as well as some other buds (including Celine who is killin it with her travel blog!!) and my brother (whose birthday is today!! HBD!). And as this post is going out into cybersphere, I'm on a plane back to New York - this time staying just in Brooklyn and I cannot wait.

Also yeah, more bees. What can I say? It's a perfect teacher dress, too. I gotta keep up the pretense that I managed to establish with my summer school kids that I was Miss Honey from Matilda. Ugh. If only. Miss Honey obviously did not wear strappy gold flatforms and I won't when I teach, but when a girl goes to New York City she's gotta live it up, right?

Photos thanks to Abby!! And her stoop!!

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