interview prep + nordstrom anniversary sale

Dress: Theory (on sale, cheaper versions here, here, here) / Jacket: Topshop / Bag: Nordstrom (on sale!)
Shoes: AGL (cheaper versions here, here) / Necklace: stole from Mom / Lipstick: Clinique 'Toasted Rose'

Nothing says "Friday" or "ready for the weekend" like a professional outfit, right? Well I couldn't very well not have a follow-up to my professional wardrobe post with me in full-on business-wear, could I? And since I have been on a string of interviews lately, I've been getting lots of practice perfecting my "I am a capable young professional pls hire me" look. 

If your interviewing experience is anything like mine, you've just finished packing up all of your dressy clothes in favor of overalls and crop tops when you get a phone call telling you to come in at 9 am two days from now. What's a anxiety-scattered girl to do? Hit up the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale of course. I've been meaning to get a white blazer and a cropped jacket so this Topshop one fit all of my hopes, dreams, and desires. It unfortunately was not one of the sale items at Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale, but I consider it an investment piece (we all have the things we tell ourselves to sleep at night). But a Theory dress on sale that's a flattering cut and super-professional? Yes please. And one of these vegan leather totes everyone's been out wearing serves as the perfect classy teacher bag. Top it all of with some stuff you stole from your mom (note to self: invest in some calmer lipstick shades) and ta-da you've got yourself a job. Or not really. A look you would wear to your hypothetical job.

Oh and P.S.: Here's the debut of my annual summer cut!
P.P.S: I still have no idea what "business casual" means...

Have a great weekend, friends! And if any of you are in that hiring phase - you're gonna KILL IT!!!

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  1. obsessed with the bag! xx, kenz


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