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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Another important social activist talking about urban education. Geoffrey Canada is arguably one of the most important leaders in the fight for education reform, serving as chairman on the Children Defense Fund's board of directors, working with nonprofits to increase educational opportunities for urban youth, and currently acting as president of the Harlem Children's Zone which works to raise the level of high school and college graduation rates. He's also a brilliant author and the video below gives you a glimpse of what he has to say.

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shining like the brightest star

Friday, July 24, 2015

Dress: Coco Fennell / Jacket: Vintage (similar, similar) / Shoes: Target (right????)
Bag: Kate Spade / Cuff: Madewell (similar) / Lipstick: MAC 'Ruby Woo'

This post could alternatively be titled "stoop kid." But since this was the outfit I wore to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway I figured I'd use a lyric from the finale song (which will have you swaying and crying and lifting up your hands until, by God, Rebecca Naomi Jones and Darren Criss tell you to stop). I went to New York two weekends ago to meet up with my friend Abby to see Hedwig (and Darren), as well as some other buds (including Celine who is killin it with her travel blog!!) and my brother (whose birthday is today!! HBD!). And as this post is going out into cybersphere, I'm on a plane back to New York - this time staying just in Brooklyn and I cannot wait.

Also yeah, more bees. What can I say? It's a perfect teacher dress, too. I gotta keep up the pretense that I managed to establish with my summer school kids that I was Miss Honey from Matilda. Ugh. If only. Miss Honey obviously did not wear strappy gold flatforms and I won't when I teach, but when a girl goes to New York City she's gotta live it up, right?

Photos thanks to Abby!! And her stoop!!

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historic biltmore village

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Top: Madewell / Sweater: J.Crew / Pants: H&M (in stores, similar)
Necklace: J.Crew Factory (similar) / Shoes: Hinge (similar styles) / Sunglasses: Karen Walker

Hi all! Some more red, white, and blue coming your way from my time in Biltmore/Asheville! This area was called Historic Biltmore Village, which was founded in 1896 by the Vanderbilts and sits just outside the Biltmore Estate. It's definitely got that old-timey feeling, with cute local jewelry and craft shops and cafes, but there are also stores like J.Crew and Talbot's and a McDonald's? So it's got that too? I guess catering to the old and new!

I hope you are all having fabulous summers! I'm headed back to New York this weekend - I was there two weekends ago (photos coming soon!), which was definitely needed as a fun break but it was still so hot that now all I want to do is sit in the air conditioning with my dog.
Hope you all are staying cool, too (in both senses of the word 😎)

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interview prep + nordstrom anniversary sale

Friday, July 17, 2015

Dress: Theory (on sale, cheaper versions here, here, here) / Jacket: Topshop / Bag: Nordstrom (on sale!)
Shoes: AGL (cheaper versions here, here) / Necklace: stole from Mom / Lipstick: Clinique 'Toasted Rose'

Nothing says "Friday" or "ready for the weekend" like a professional outfit, right? Well I couldn't very well not have a follow-up to my professional wardrobe post with me in full-on business-wear, could I? And since I have been on a string of interviews lately, I've been getting lots of practice perfecting my "I am a capable young professional pls hire me" look. 

If your interviewing experience is anything like mine, you've just finished packing up all of your dressy clothes in favor of overalls and crop tops when you get a phone call telling you to come in at 9 am two days from now. What's a anxiety-scattered girl to do? Hit up the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale of course. I've been meaning to get a white blazer and a cropped jacket so this Topshop one fit all of my hopes, dreams, and desires. It unfortunately was not one of the sale items at Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale, but I consider it an investment piece (we all have the things we tell ourselves to sleep at night). But a Theory dress on sale that's a flattering cut and super-professional? Yes please. And one of these vegan leather totes everyone's been out wearing serves as the perfect classy teacher bag. Top it all of with some stuff you stole from your mom (note to self: invest in some calmer lipstick shades) and ta-da you've got yourself a job. Or not really. A look you would wear to your hypothetical job.

Oh and P.S.: Here's the debut of my annual summer cut!
P.P.S: I still have no idea what "business casual" means...

Have a great weekend, friends! And if any of you are in that hiring phase - you're gonna KILL IT!!!

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Wednesday / Watch This

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

So a few weeks ago I talked about wanting to make my blog more reflective of the important social justice issues and discussions that I'm trying to surround myself with. So without further ado, here's this week's video. Jeff Duncan-Andrade is a leader in educational change and critically studies the pedagogy used in urban, low-income schools. He advocates for the "rose in concrete" notion of urban youth and education, which he talks so eloquently about below.

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Building A Professional Wardrobe

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hey all!
So for the past few weeks I've been trying to "build my professional wardrobe" (AKA I've been finding so many good sales and my shopping has been out of control lately but if I label it as productive planning for my future job then it doesn't sound so bad). Anyway, guilty confession aside, as I begin to actually enter into the workforce (yikes), I'll need to find a way to balance my own style and taste with what can be deemed as work appropriate. 

Here's what I have already in my closet (most of which was purchased in the last three weeks...):
Image Map
Click on the images to shop!

And here's what's on my wishlist for professional wardrobe building:
Image Map
Click on the images to shop!

Maybe these are still too young/fun for the workplace, but hey I gotta start somewhere, right?

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a bit of swing

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Dress: Sam Edelman (on sale under $100!) / Shoes: Sole Society (sold out, similar)
Bag: Kate Spade (similar, love this one) / Necklace: Madewell (on sale!) / Sunnies: Karen WalkerLipstick: MAC Ruby Woo

I'm always amazed (and a bit suspicious) when bloggers post their holiday looks, tips, whatevers the day of the holiday. And most often it's the morning of, too. Like do you expect us to believe you made those red, white, and blue coconut-nutella-whatever cupcakes at 8 am and had time to shoot them perfectly, edit them, and post them to your blog for Fourth of July? No, you probably made those yesterday or even a week in advance. (Or maybe there are people who are actually productive and on top of things in the morning, in which case my chronically lazy self apologizes.) 

Anyway, my point is, kudos to you if you get your holiday/theme-appropriate posts up the day they are actually relevant. I am not like you. I am someone who brings their camera but not the memory card, gets the time of day wrong for lighting, and then doesn't have time to get to a computer until days after the event has already happened. SO here is what I wore for the Fourth of July, on the seventh of July. Peace out.

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Wednesday / Watch This

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

So last week I was trying to come up with another way to fill the blog while I am temporarily without my camera/the time to take photos. So obviously I thought - another feature! I already online window shop enough as it is, why not compile a shoppable post and share it? So that's what I did last week - "Wishlist Wednesday" or "Wednesday Wishlist" or whatever I settled on. But see, I tend to my blog when I get back from a full day of working and training - it's my personal project in my down time. And that's how it should be! It's good and important to have little things that you do because you enjoy them, even if they have no greater meaning.

But - but. I also feel so guilty about blogging (heh me feeling guilty, what else is new?) because it seems so shallow. It's so incredibly self-indulgent and superficial. Making a list of all the pretty things I want but really, really, really don't need? That just makes me feel horrible. And that's just me! Of course I read and absorb other blogs and don't think that. But it's so strange for me to come back from my work day and like, shed off all of the important discussions and actions I'd seen and had throughout the day. 

SO what is all this whiny, guilt-ridden rambling coming to? Well I've decided to upend my "Wednesday" feature (which, lol, was barely a thing to begin with) and replace it with a space for important and thought-provoking videos on problems of poverty, race, education, and more. Basically what I learn in my Teach for America sessions, I'll share here. So for the first one, I chose a slam poetry performance by a D.C. student about the ways his education has affected his relationship with his identity and with language. Please watch and share if you feel so inclined!