Dress: Francesca's, old (similar, similar) / Shoes: Hinge (at Nordstrom, similar)
Bag: Kate Spade (thanks Mom!) / Sunglasses: Karen Walker (also thanks Mom)

Wishing I could transport myself back to this day...not only because I loved this outfit and I love this museum (MOCA is the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland) but mainly because it was cool. I'm in Atlanta right now and I can tell you one thing: it is not cool. It is sweat dripping down your knees, don't bother styling your hair hot. Don't get me wrong, this city is amazing and the reason I'm here is important*, but I am not a hot-weather girl. I am a air conditioning and milkshake girl.

Although all of these pieces are versatile and more importantly, comfortable, I only brought half of this outfit with me to Georgia. The sunglasses are a must (I'm sorry, I just have to say again, and I don't mean to come off as a braggy, but. Karen Walkers on my face. Ok. Thanks for your time and patience.) because, again: Georgia. In June. And I also brought the sandals because they are literally cushioned and your feet feel happy in them and I love them. Love you, shoes xoxo me. Not sure why I didn't bring the dress (kind of regretting it now). And the purse, while GORGEOUS and I'm OBSESSED and THANK YOU MOM, felt too new and nice to sit in my dorm room and watch me leave it behind every day while I went to my job which basically requires a duffel bag for how much stuff I need. But I look forward to reuniting with it soon. Oh, and my friends and family, too.

*I'm currently training to be a teacher with Teach For America!

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  1. Love the way the blue bag stands out against the stripes! You look gorgeous!



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