crop top to bottom

Hat: Yellow 108 (thanks Dad!) / Top: Topshop / Skirt: American Eagle, old (similar, similar)
Sandals: Topshop (in love) / Bag: Talbot's / Cuff: similar / Sunglasses: Karen Walker

SUMMER. If a crop top (albeit with long sleeves), sunglasses, and hat don't mean it's summer, then I'm at a loss. Plus lots of nice greenery and good views don't hurt either. But how are you all, friends? I am all over the place. I'm out of school, I'm back home, I'm off to Georgia, I'm relaxing, I'm working...Blergh. I need a nap. But enough complaining, I should be reveling in the good weather (like I am in these photos) and be thankful that I have something to work for the next couple years. Let the adventure begin, right?

And let's talk for a hot sec about these shoes. Shoes and coats might be my weaknesses when it comes to clothing. Maybe it's because they're the most practical pieces of an ensemble (though I guess pants are practical if you don't want to be caught...not wearing pants...) but I can never convince myself that I have enough. So: new shoes. For summer. Totally reasonable, right? Especially since I'm doing my annual summer closet purge and have I gotten rid of GARBAGE BAGS full of clothes. Only makes sense to fill in the gaps. Perfectly fitting, easy to walk in, go with everything, Topshop sandals-sized gaps. Yes.

OH and yes those are Karen Walkers on my face (that sounds weird). They were a major graduation present courtesy of my parents and I am so obsessed. I mean, who hasn't been? Every "it" fashion blogger and their moms seem to have Karen Walker shades. Never thought I'd get myself in the ranks (somewhat) and I admit I feel a bit like a poser. BUT I DON'T CARE THEY'RE PRETTY AND PRESCRIPTION AND I LOVE THEM!!! Not that you would be able to tell in these photos, with them covering half my face, ooh mystery ooh what is she thinking under there? Right? Right??

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Photos thanks to Sarah!!


  1. I love this look. I actually adore the details on the skirt.
    It's such a lovely hat.
    I really want a hat like yours too.
    But I firstly have to find a summer job and save money to get one I have an eye on in a vintage store.



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