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Hi all! A quick break from style posts here.

We all know blogging is not a new thing and it has only grown in popularity. It seems everyone and their moms are doing it - and in fact I'm lucky enough to have some friends who do! Blogging can actually be a pretty lonely business if you think about it. It's just you, your camera, and your computer screen. It's great to connect with your readers but often the process of blogging is isolated. So I'm thankful to have some people in my life who know what blogging's all about and who are willing to help each other navigate this weird place called the Internet. So, I'd like to introduce you to them! All of these ladies have so many amazing talents and their blogs reflect their varied interests, so take a peek. (Click on their logos to head on over!)

With credentials at HelloGiggles, Kate uses her blog to share what's hip, what's happening, and what's important. With everything from restaurant reviews, artsy photographs, playlists, personal style, her favorite online articles, and feminist reflections, Kate infuses her blog with every little piece of herself. With a knack for humor and honesty, Kate shares her insights into the goals and resolutions she's working towards and things that you should probably be thinking about, too.

Celine's blog is shaped and informed by her love of travel and all the things that make traveling so great - the culture, the food, the locations, the scenery. Based in LA but always finding ways to get around the world, Celine has an eye for the stylish and trendy while maintaining a deep appreciation for all things historical. From gardens to castles (hence the name!) and museums and restaurants, Celine's here to share her insights with any of those who share her contagious travel bug.

Sarah's blog is for the wanderer in all of us. Her posts are full of eye-catching photographs and creative videos documenting her travels. She's also got the best vacation planning skills of anyone I know - this girl can find a cheap flight to just about anywhere! And, someone after my own heart, Sarah knows all about how important good food is. And good health too: Sarah's dedication to yoga and mindfulness is inspiring but also approachable - she makes it work into your everyday life. And to top it all of, Sarah's got a way with words. Poetry infuses itself in how she thinks and writes, how she looks and interprets the world. Hers is a perspective you won't soon forget.

I may be biased, but these are some great and talented ladies doing important, personal, and inspirational things with their blogs through their sharp, creative, and original voices. Add them to your must-read list right now!!

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