too many spares, not enough strikes

Top: J.Crew Factory (also comes in this stylethis style and as a skirt - want!)
Jeans: American Eagle / Bow: American Apparel / Lipstick: Topshop 'Rio Rio'

Ah, bowling. America's past-time, am I right? No? Is that just me and my weird, near-constant desire to go bowling? Not sure why, but I am up for a round of bowling fall, winter, spring, or summer. Obviously I went for spring here (optimistically) mainly because I couldn't wait to wear my new J.Crew top. Let's just say I did a little too well at their outlet store. Maybe that's another reason I love bowling - the only sport where you can pretty much wear whatever you want! Definitely a plus in my book.

Oh by the way! I'd obviously heard about Her Campus before (I mean, have you not? Do you live under a heavily testosteroned rock?), and a ton of my friends at school write for Her Campus, but I'd never gotten involved until now. Thanks to my friend Katie (hi girl!), I learned about the Her Campus Blogger Network and I'm really excited to announce that I've been invited to join the HC family! I don't expect much will change on my blog here, mostly because all of what Her Campus is about aligns so well with my own interests. But I'm excited for this opportunity and hope you are too!

Thanks for reading, friends! Best wishes as we approach the end of the semester and what will hopefully be spring for real this time.

Oh, P.S. - Neither my dad nor I got any strikes, so yes, only spares. Gonna get 'em next time.

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