spring break

Coat: House of Fraser (similar) / Sweater: Target (similarlove this one) / Pants: Loft (in stores)
Boots: Topshop (similar) / Hat: Target (similarlove this one) / Bag: Madewell (similar)

Although my spring break has mainly consisted of too much snow (it's cruel to call it spring break) and being holed up studying, I'm grateful for fun outings like these with my buds going shopping. I of course bought way too much but the new spring items were so tempting that I couldn't help but buy some in the hopes that that'll help spring itself to hurry along. (If you recall, I've used this philosophy before.) Still, coats might just be my favorite piece of clothing so I'm happy to still have reason to do that.

Hope you all are enjoying yourselves, wherever you are! We don't all need to be in Miami or Los Angeles to have a good break, right? Right.

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Photos thanks to Sarah!


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