Shirt: Jack Wills (same shirt w/o the logo) / Jeans: Anthropologie (last year, similar & on sale!) / Necklace: Zara (old, similar) / Lipstick: MAC 'Relentlessly Red'

Hi all! The weather continues to be dreadful (melancholy, dismal, lifeless - sorry, I've been reading too much Dickens) and so I humbly present another indoor outfit post. I fear I'm getting too predictable - is every other post going to have a bee or my initials in it? Hopefully not, but at the same time - I know what I like! And what I like is a classically cut Oxford shirt with a hint of pink pinstripes and some letters that just happen to be my initials elegantly and subtly monogrammed atop. Jack Wills, you've done it again.

I wanted to stay in keeping with the classic Oxford style so I went minimal on my accessories and colors. These were taken right around Valentine's Day and some subtle pink was good enough for me. I've also worn this shirt with a skirt and it proved equally lovely so I'm looking forward many different stylings, all while boasting my two favorite letters to the world.

Hope you're all braving this weather! I am...not. Staying in bed all day reading doesn't seem to be the definition of 'braving' to me.
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