Necklace: NordstromShoes: Topshop / Bag: Kate Spade Saturday (thanks to Sarah!) (love this one)

Good things come in threes - and in silver chrome, apparently. 

Just a quick post today to show off some shiny new things - okay so you've seen the shoes before and technically I got that necklace last month but the purse is new and it matched too perfectly not to pair it up! A big HUGE thank you to my bff Sarah for this lovely birthday gift. A chrome tote with a classic brown buckle? YES PLEASE!

Also new in is, if you haven't guessed, my blog layout! I finally treated myself to a more professional layout - a lil bithday gift to myself. I'm hoping dropping a few bucks on a nice look for my blog will motivate me to continue on with it. Not that I have any intentions of stopping, just sometimes I kind of lag behind. But no more! (she says, somewhat optimistically).

Anyway thanks for reading and thanks again to all those who helped me celebrate my birthday!
Much love xoxo

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