blue valentine

Dress: Zara (A/W 14, similar, similar) / Necklace: Nordstrom / Heels: Topshop 
Cuff: Madewell (similar) / Clutch: Kate Spade (thanks to Sarah!!) (love this color too) Lipstick: Clinique Matte Crimson

Tricking you a bit here - this is not actually a Valentine's look and anyway we're past Valentine's Day already. My school luckily throws a fancy party for all the graduating seniors and so I happily got on my fanciest duds. The necklace and shoes were actually ordered specifically for this fling (thanks mom!!) and I couldn't be more obsessed with either. The shoes...I've been craving metallic silver heels and of course I could count on Topshop to deliver. I'll admit they were killer to wear for the first time (shout to all my friends who helped me walk...) but I already can't wait to wear them again. And this Zara dress is lovely, so light and elegant. I should have gotten a photo of the back - it dips down into a sharp V. Nice one on that, Zara.

Anyway I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and a lovely Valentine's! I myself got Chipotle and saw the Spongebob movie with my buds so you can all count on the fact that my Valentine's Day was bangin'. 

Much love and stay warm!!
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Photos thanks to Kate!


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