Dress: Loft / Sweater (underneath): C. Wonder / Boots: Steve Madden (similar) / Lipstick: Topshop

Last weekend was Valentine's Day (who cares) but this weekend was my birthday! Friday, to be exact. And although it was a snowy mess of a day my lovely parents came down to take me to the "big city" (aka Columbus) where we ate delicious food, napped, and went to an art museum. A near perfect way to spend my birthday. 

This dress from Loft is maybe one of the comfiest things I own. But even on its own it wasn't enough to battle Ohio in the winter so I did some master layering. Oh yes friends - those are not tights. Those are fleece-lined leggings. With heavy socks. And heavier boots. But hey, throw on a sparkly collar and some lipstick and I don't look worse for the wear, do I? Take that, snowpocalypse.

And thanks again to all my friends and family who helped make this birthday so amazing. xoxoxo

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