1st blog birthday

Leather Jacket: Topshop / Turtleneck: Banana Republic / Skirt: New Look
Boots: INC, gift from Gram / Clutch: Kate Spade, gift from Sarah / Lipstick: Clinique 'Crimson'

Looking at other fashion blogs, I'll sometimes see the girl celebrating her blog's anniversary by going out and buying balloons, cupcakes, the works. And I think, that's pretty silly. How would that conversation go? Buying a decorated cake like, "Oh, is it your birthday?" "No it's my blog's birthday." "Your dog's birthday?" "No, my blog's." ... Kinda weird. But then I thought, ya know, I'm probably going to want a cupcake today anyway (read: everyday) so why not try and justify it? Or well at least make myself feel a little bit better.

So here we are, it's been one year! I honestly started this blog on a whim, a semi-fulfilled New Year's Resolution, if you will. And although this is first and foremost a fashion blog, it's been a good way to track my time. Let's see, this past year I:
-lived half the year in England
-got to see amazing places around Scotland, Prague, Vienna, Greece, the American South, and NYC
-had too much incredible food to count
-spent time with my family and with friends old and new
-started my senior year of college (!!!)
-got a job after college (!!!!)
-and blogged semi-consistently throughout it all!

I know I just said this in my actual New Year's post, but I want to thank you all again for assisting and joining me on this somewhat experimental ride. Big, big, BIG thank you to my parents, especially my dad who is always willing to lend his photographic expertise, and to all the friends that I've bugged to fill in too. And obviously thanks to all of those who read, share, politely look at my blog because I've begged you, etc.

I do feel a bit like I did this time last year - not quite knowing what the year will hold and if this blog will even be a "thing" for much longer. I hope it will though! It's been a fun, creative, sometimes wacky experience. Here's to the next!

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