the last of summer

Dress: Topshop / Shoes: Zara / Jacket: Levi's / Glasses: Warby Parker 'Percey'

Who could tell from these photos that it's the end of summer - my pale skin is the same as if I'd been standing out in the snow for months. Oh well! Happy to be in the sunshine nonetheless. Especially in this fun dress from Topshop, with the cutest pockets and twirl-worthy hem! And to pile on all the new things, I've got my new Warby Parker glasses on. I love my old ones from Madewell, but I figured having two pairs of specs was on the safe side and so why not try a different style for a change? I had a great experience with Warby Parker, and I love the look of the light tortoiseshell frames. They give the right amount of bookish style, which I'll need as I start my senior year. For those of you still on summer break, enjoy!!

Photos thanks to Sarah!!
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