the fog comes on little cat feet

Blouse: Red Clover / Overalls: Topshop / Shoes: Toms / Necklace: JewelMint (sold out)

I'd like to thank Carl Sandberg for the perfect poetic title for today's post. I took these photos in Savannah, where it was well into the 90s, but my camera had been in the nice cool air conditioning all day - the result being a fogged lens that gives me a weird glow like I'm a ghost or someone with a really visible aura (tried to dull it with black and white but still pretty eerie). So, uh, that happened. Camera lesson learned. And obviously my Toms feature a lovely little feline design - or do they? Hot debate has been occurring lately over the status of this critter: cat or fox? And by hot debate I mean my mom and me. I'm leaning toward fox, but I'm pretty copacetic either way. Anyway! This pretty blouse is from Red Clover, a boutique in Savannah that I will be talking (read: raving) about in my next post. I've put together a lil travel guide for Savannah! Yayyyy photos and reviews and stuff.

Hope you all are enjoying your summers still! Let's not talk about how it's ending soon, okay?

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