the style hive: August 2014

the last of summer

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Dress: Topshop / Shoes: Zara / Jacket: Levi's / Glasses: Warby Parker 'Percey'

Who could tell from these photos that it's the end of summer - my pale skin is the same as if I'd been standing out in the snow for months. Oh well! Happy to be in the sunshine nonetheless. Especially in this fun dress from Topshop, with the cutest pockets and twirl-worthy hem! And to pile on all the new things, I've got my new Warby Parker glasses on. I love my old ones from Madewell, but I figured having two pairs of specs was on the safe side and so why not try a different style for a change? I had a great experience with Warby Parker, and I love the look of the light tortoiseshell frames. They give the right amount of bookish style, which I'll need as I start my senior year. For those of you still on summer break, enjoy!!

Photos thanks to Sarah!!
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fab find / Carissa Gallo's Color Studies

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hi everyone! Hope you're having a great week so far.

To interrupt a constant slew of, well, my face, I thought I'd share this stunning photo project I came across recently. Carissa Gallo, a photographer out of Portland, created this beautiful series of photos based on her interest in soft, muted colors. I love the subtle playfulness to these photos, as if they resulted from the model's boredom and curiosity. Gallo in fact has another series entitled 'Sharon's Boredom' which similarly highlights a certain color (this time a denim blue). Head on over to Gallo's website to see more from the pink Color Series or her other projects!

Have a beautiful day!
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black & white summer

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Jacket: Forever21 (sold out online, similar) / Top: Forever21, old (try here or love this one)
Jeans: Topshop Leigh / Boots: Old Navy

Can you tell I'm ready for it to be fall already? I just want to wear dark colors and sweaters all the time now. Summer, go away - but only seasonally (school, pls don't start yet). Luckily now that I'm back north it is actually getting cooler. At least enough so I can wear my new jacket. Yep, I caved and bought that white leather jacket I'd posted about a bit ago - it was on sale, alright? Hopefully I'll be able to think of ways to wear it that aren't just black and white, but since school is starting soon, I don't know if my brain can handle exerting that much creativity. We'll see. Don't expect too much.

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red clover all over

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Blouse: Red Clover / Jeans: American Eagle (on sale - $30) / Necklace: J.Crew, old
 Bracelet: Gift from mom / Shoes: ShoeMint

Originally this outfit really was going to be Red Clover all over as I had planned to wear these adorable shorts that I picked up from the boutique while I was in Savannah. Of course the weather mid-August decided to get cooler, so high-rise jeans it was! No complaints from me, though - finding high-waisted jeans that actually go above your belly button is strangely hard, so I happily dropped 30 bucks for these AE ones ('dropped' meaning I tried them on multiple times, went back to the store on two separate occasions, and then chased down a salesperson to make sure they were really on sale. Just a warning in case you ever decide to got to the mall with me.) Anyway, this top is so lovely with its perfect shades of orange and cream and I can envision myself wearing it many more times to come (weather be damned).

Happy almost Friday, everyone! Thanks for reading xx
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Monday, August 18, 2014

Top: H&M, last year / Jeans: Levi's

If you can believe it, this is just a little patio on the rooftop of the hotel we stayed at in Charleston (that's why I'm totally allowed to be barefoot). But the rest of the city down on street level is pretty similar. We asked a lot of Georgians if we should go to Savannah or Charleston and their response was that you could hardly compare them - so we went to both. It's true that they are very different, but what they have in common is their charm. Charleston's bigger, but still very walk-able and easy to navigate. We passed a row of absolutely gorgeous riverfront houses from before the Civil War...they were seriously gorgeous. All pastel colors contrasted with black wrought ironwork. A big go-to spot is the Market City area, where a long, narrow historic market has stalls of hand-crafted goods and sweets. I'd still say I was a little more charmed by Savannah, but I'm so glad I got to visit Charleston too!

Have a great start to your week, friends!!

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24 hours in Savannah / travel guide

Friday, August 15, 2014

Hi friends! As part of my roadtrip with my family down South, we made a stop in Savannah. We only had one day, though, so we wanted to make sure we made the most out of it. I loved my time in Savannah, so much so that I think it's one of my favorite cities now, and so I wanted to share what I thought made it great with all of you!

Where to Shop
My first stop in Savannah for shopping was on East Broughton Street, where SCAD has a lot of properties and where it's pretty hip! I went up some narrow stairs to find Civvies, a vintage and thrift store that has everything from luggage to prom dresses from different decades. While I was tempted by their sundresses and other summery items, my mind was on fall and I picked up a really nice vintage tartan cardigan. Their prices were very affordable (my sweater was about $18 I think) and I definitely could have spent a good hour or so in there, even though the space itself isn't huge. 
Our next shopping destination was Red Clover on Bull Street (just around the corner and a few blocks down from East Broughton). My mom and I had done a little research and so we'd picked out Red Clover as a spot to hit before pulling into Savannah. To me it's a cross between Anthropologie and Free People - bright colors and prints and a little boho at times. Even better: the prices were incredibly reasonable. You could get three nice tops and a necklace and it would still total under 100 dollars. They also had Dolce Vita shoes which are my weakness, but I resisted and focused on getting pieces in areas in which my wardrobe was lacking (shorts, mid-sleeve blouses, solidly colored tops). Oh and there was this amazing kimono (that floral piece in the window) but they didn't have my size womp womp. (Meaning I will be stalking their online store.) Again, a small shop but a lot to peruse!

Where to Snack
For a light lunch, especially as a mid-shopping break, I completely loved Dept. 7 East, a lovely little cafe that is affixed to a tea house too! Also on East Broughton Street, this little spot is great for just a tea and a sweet, or a sandwich (I had the turkey-bacon club) and salad and their do-it-yourself lemonade. Great atmosphere, with their stag head on the wall and real cotton as table centerpieces, plus the friendliest waitstaff. This place hit all the right notes!
Of course, you can't go to Savannah and not stop at Leopold's Ice Cream (also on E. Broughton!). Leopold's has a long history, but its most recent reincarnation has been under the guidance of Stratton Leopold, the vice president of Paramount Pictures. So as you can imagine, this old-fashioned style parlor has memorabilia and signed posters from a lot of Hollywood hits. Plus homemade ice cream! They have a rotating list of flavors, including some creative ones, but I had to go for the classic hot fudge sundae. It was definitely an upper-leagues sundae, but not unlike something I could get in my own hometown (remember Ohio has amazing ice cream, just sayin). Still, if the line isn't ridiculously long, definitely pop in!
And to top off your evening, be sure to have dinner at The Olde Pink House. A very historic building, with a speakeasy-style bar in the basement, the Pink House also boasts of an in-house jazz singer and fantastic food. Obviously the fresh seafood (mussels, crab, flounder) is amazing but their beef filet and potatoes were simply delicious. It does fill up pretty quickly, so definitely book as early ahead of time as you can - our reservations weren't til 9 (but it was still hopping at that point!) and so it was petty dark to get pictures. But it literally is a bright pink building, so you can't miss it!

How to Get Around
To get a feel of Savannah, no matter if you're staying just one day or more long-term, I recommend a carriage ride. You get a visual mapping of the city plus all the historic and fun facts that go along with it. Plus horses. What I love about Savannah the most is its layout - green squares break up the sections of the city and make it easier to find your way around. Plus each square usually has a unique feature (Civil War monument, haunted site, Forrest Gump's bench...)

And that was my one day in Savannah! Hopefully any of these stops will find their way onto someone's Savannah itinerary, or even convince you to make the trip down South! I'd love to visit the city again in early spring, when the weather is cool and all of the city's greenery is surely blooming.

Thanks for reading friends! Much love xx

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