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1 ($23) / 2 ($90) / 3 ($43) / 4 ($33) / 5 ($10) / 6 ($28) / 7 ($39) / 8 ($28)

I'd heard of Aritzia a few months ago but never investigated fully, thinking them to be another one of those out of my price range retailers. I was surprised and delighted when I clicked my way to their homepage and saw a mid-summer sale going on. It reminds me a little bit of Zara, with clean-cut, high-quality pieces at a reasonable price, especially when they're on sale. These are just a few of my favorites (that moto jacket though...) but if you want to see more of my picks from Aritzia and other of my online shopping wishlist items, be sure to follow me on keep! is kind of like the in-browser bookmarking function, but this site's tailored for fashion bookmarks especially, making it easier to organize your online shopping wishlist, and check out what other people are buying too!

Happy Friday everyone! Treat yo selves this weekend. Much love xx

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