olive & lace

Blouse: Nordstrom (similar here) / Pants: JAG Jeans (similar here) / Sandals: Target, old (similar here, here) / Purse: Talbot's / Watch: Betsey Johnson / Ring: H&M / Shades: Ray-Ban

Hi friends! I'm back home in the States! Been back for a couple of days and while the jetlag has subsided, my sleep schedule is still totally off. You would think that my body would know to readjust to the time zone that it has been on for the past twenty years, but alas. It's also completely summer here, which is a shock coming from springtime England. Definitely did not miss midwest humidity.

In the midst of unpacking and donating old clothes, I found these army green pants that I'm excited to pair with my newer clothes. Obviously kept it pretty simple today, but weather be damned I'm going to try and experiment a little more this summer. Oh and that's my dog Shannon cheesing it up for the camera. She's such a ham.

Hope everyone is doing well! Much love xx


  1. What a lovely nail polish color? Shannon is a sweetie, and your sandals complement her fur color very well :P How long ago did you get those at Target? I'd love to find some similar ones; the cross-over strap is really cool.


    Another Beautiful Thing blog

    1. Thanks so much! Haha I'm sure her interruption of the photoshoot was planned then ;) Those are from about exactly a year ago, so Target may have some similar styles out now for summer again! Otherwise I think I've seen sandals like those at Urban Outfitters, maybe Forever 21...


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