the style hive: June 2014

what to wear today / overalls

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Hi everyone! Quick post while I'm at my desk at my summer job (hello ole college campus, haven't seen you in a while!). Like the maxi skirt, the overall/coverall/dungaree/whatever you want to call them have taken me some getting used to. But of course once I saw Emma Stone wearing them, that cemented the deal - got to get myself a pair now! The question is: long or short? I love Emma's cuffed ones, but somehow short seems more classic to me. And then there's a whole question of wash. Who knew a one-piece clothing item could spark so many questions? Well, no one. Because this is all a side effect of my tendency to over-analyze. Rambling is another side effect, so I'll cut this off before it gets weird.

Happy summer!!

summer stripes

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sweater: Zara (similar style on sale here) / Skirt: Nordstrom, old (similar here, here) / Shoes: Jon Josef / Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Almost went full-on Parisian here as I was tempted to put a beret on my head or a bow in my hair. But don't want to throw all my French tricks out at once, right? Stripes and red lip are sometimes all you need. And a cropped sweater. Which this is not. This is in fact a somewhat bulky sweater folded under and tied in the back. Sneaky, I know. Maybe one day I'll get into the crop top trend, but for right now I'm sure my pale legs are enough. Also these sunglasses are a major throwback to about seventh grade (Joe Jonas anyone?) and I felt a little goofy pulling them out again but hey, anything in classic white can never go out of style, right?

Hope everyone had a great week. Happy weekend! xx

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

 Hat: Target, old (similar here) / Denim Jacket: Levi's / Blouse: Nordstrom (similar here or here, inverse here) / Jeans: Topshop 'Leigh' / Purse: Vintage

Cleveland's closest thing to a music festival? These free concerts thrown on a grassy lawn in the middle of the museum circle. Each week there's a theme and this past one's was Motown - while my look is certainly not as 60s as I could get (though I would just love to get my mod Zooey Deschanel dresses and winged eyeliner out), I definitely wanted to wear a little something extra fun. So hello, hat! Bought on a whim many years ago at Target, inspired by my songstress Diane Birch, and maybe worn twice. A thank you to my friends and family for assuring me I looked okay. Okay enough to sit in a giant bird's nest for some photos. Yeah I don't know. Cleveland's weird.

Photos thanks to Rachel!!

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outwit, outlast, outlength

Thursday, June 12, 2014

And because Shannon can never resist 'intruding' on my photoshoots:

Blouse: T.J Maxx / Maxi Skirt: a boutique in Brooklyn / Denim Jacket: Levi's / Flatforms: Michael Kors 'Jalita' (here in black) / Purse: Vintage Chanel

Though I actually don't get up the courage to wear my maxi skirt that often, I stare longingly at it in my closet a lot (though that sounds creepy). And because this is a piece that out-lengths all my other clothes, I get the old Survivor slogan stuck in my head...cause this is totally an outfit you can be a warrior in, right? Don't be deceived: those flatforms are pretty easy for walking and for potential toppling on poles for long periods of time. But let's maybe not test that theory.

Hope everyone is having a great summer so far. Thanks for reading!

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currently craving / white leather jacket

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

River Island / Topshop / Forever21 / Forever21

I've been eyeing the white leather jacket as an item to be added to my closet. Terrified of getting it dirty but a pretty option for summer, so it goes both ways. I think I'm looking for one that's slightly cropped but more than that I'm looking to not bust my bank over it, so I'm definitely leaning towards those Forever21 options.

Are you craving anything in particular for this summer?

Much love! xx

tried & true blue

Friday, June 6, 2014

Blouse: thrifted (similar herehere) / Pants: H&M, old (similar here, here)
Necklace: Nordstrom (love these ones: here, here, here)
Shoes: Nine West 'Eviee' (try here or similar herehere) / Purse: Talbot's

Probably sixty percent of my wardrobe is some hue of blue. But that didn't stop me from picking up this silk blouse while thrifting...not that I needed any more convincing than its $5 price tag. It's definitely already helping me wear those old clothes of mine that I always struggle to work into an outfit. Like the blouse makes these pinstripe-railroad-worker pants (a completely technical term there) dressy enough to wear with my favorite nude wedges. If you are looking for an excuse/sign to buy yourself a new pair of summer shoes, consider this it: nude wedges go with everything. And they're pretty. Why else do girls buy shoes?

Thanks for reading! Much love xx

olive & lace

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Blouse: Nordstrom (similar here) / Pants: JAG Jeans (similar here) / Sandals: Target, old (similar here, here) / Purse: Talbot's / Watch: Betsey Johnson / Ring: H&M / Shades: Ray-Ban

Hi friends! I'm back home in the States! Been back for a couple of days and while the jetlag has subsided, my sleep schedule is still totally off. You would think that my body would know to readjust to the time zone that it has been on for the past twenty years, but alas. It's also completely summer here, which is a shock coming from springtime England. Definitely did not miss midwest humidity.

In the midst of unpacking and donating old clothes, I found these army green pants that I'm excited to pair with my newer clothes. Obviously kept it pretty simple today, but weather be damned I'm going to try and experiment a little more this summer. Oh and that's my dog Shannon cheesing it up for the camera. She's such a ham.

Hope everyone is doing well! Much love xx