school days / off to scotland!

Coat: Thrifted / Cardigan: Vintage

Hi everyone! Just a quick post amidst my hurried packing as I leave for Scotland!
I call this my awkward little boy has his first day of school getup. Chin up, oversized coat on, ready to conquer the world! Kind of. Anyway, we (fellow American students, hence the feeling of a school field trip) will be traveling all over Scotland for the next two weeks so once again I've set up a queue of posts while I'm gone.
I admit the thought of living out of a suitcase again so soon and the large amount of traveling ahead is daunting, coming off of the spring break I've had! But I know I am so lucky to have all these opportunities to see and learn about such extraordinary places. Hopefully lots of exciting photos to come!

Have a lovely few weeks! Much love xx


  1. Have fun in Scotland! Is this a study abroad kind of opportunity? Also, your yellow raincoat is beautiful (and I'm sure it will come in handy for the rainy weather).


    Another Beautiful Thing


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