ohio bound

Leather Jacket: Urban Outfitters (similar here, here) / Ohio Tee: Made by my friend Rachel!
Necklace: Topshop / Jeans: Forever21 / Cat Shoes: Jon Josef / Lipstick: MAC Relentlessly Red / Shades: Ray-Ban

So I'm leaving England quite soon. Cleaning out my room as I write this, trying to get all the last minute things done. I know I only started this blog in January, but I've been studying in England since September, so it's been quite a ride. The year has gone by unbelievably quickly - I feel like I'm back in freshers week, just moving in! But I'm also pretty ready to be home again, see everyone and just unwind for a bit. I feel a bit stuck in the moment, so I can't quite properly express how I'm feeling now, if that makes sense?

Had to do the last photoshoot on the cathedral green of course. Right after tea, obviously. My entire wardrobe is pretty much all packed in space bags right now (don't even want to talk about how many suitcases that is...uh...) so it was kind of a scramble to find clothes left to wear. Luckily I hadn't yet packed this tee that my friend Rachel made me for Christmas (thanks bud!!). Look at those typography skills. And v-neck shirts are the reason I sought out that angular Topshop necklace, so win-win!

I hope everyone had a lovely and safe Memorial Day Weekend in the States! Here's to a long next few days of traveling, but I cannot wait to be back home. Thanks to all the friends I've made in England for making my time here that much more special. Hit me up if you guys make to America, yeah? And to my friends and family in Ohio - I'm comin' for ya!

Much love xx

Photos thanks to Sarah!


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