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1: Madewell / 2: J.Crew / 3: Modcloth / 4: Modcloth / 5: Forever 21 (looove this one!) / 6: Madewell (on sale!)
7: Modcloth / 8: Topshop / 9: Forever 21 / 10: Modcloth

A universal crowd-pleaser, wouldn't you say? Stripes can be a neutral, the focus point, or the helpful dose of Parisian chic to you outfit. Stripes are probably the most predominant feature of my closet, but I can't help always gravitating to more of them when shopping (or in this case browsing...on all your behalf...this no-shopping rule just got harder thanks to that striped moto jacket! Must resist.)

Hope everyone is doing well! I'm still traveling from one European city to the next (eeep!).
Thanks for reading xx

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  1. I love choice 8: usually, when I think of stripes, I think of black and white, but that topshop selection is a great reminder that stripes can come in multicolors and even tweed material.


    Another Beautiful Thing


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