pink lady + VACATION!

Sweater: Topshop (here in blue) / Leather Pants: Miss Selfridge / Purse: Vintage Chanel / Cat Shoes: Jon Josef "Gatsby Cat" / Lipstick: MAC "Relentlessly Red"

Wanted to wear these faux leather trousers and threw on this pale pink sweater and oops, I turned into one of the Pink Ladies from Grease. I don't think Rizzo would be caught dead in cat shoes, but I can't help that. I fact I can't believe this is my shoes' first appearance on the blog. Well, everyone, these are my cat shoes. Cat shoes, this is everyone.

My generous mom got these for me after I about died at the price of the Charlotte Olympia pair. Of course now you find knockoffs pretty much everywhere (try Modcloth or Urban Outfitters) but these are from Jon Josef, so quite high quality still and incredibly comfortable. I wear them nearly everyday and actually the first ever time I wore them was to see Michelle Obama. So these kitties have seen a lot!

Today though they traveled with me to Urban Burger, a great little burger joint in Exeter that I can't believe I've only just been to. I spent a great meal there with the lovely ladies of my flat (one of our last nights out - sad!) and as we were all chowing down on burgers and slurping milkshakes I realized I was surrounded by cow not only with what I was eating but wearing...leather pants, jacket, and bag? Oops. Sorry, cows.

+ also! tomorrow starts my spring break! +
I will have sporadic internet access over the next two weeks so I won't be able to upload photos during my vacation, but since I'll be visiting places like Prague, Vienna, Athens, Paros, and Santorini (eeeep!) you can bet I'll have tons to share when I get back! I've scheduled a few posts so hopefully this won't become a total wasteland. Thanks to everyone for reading, and I hope everyone has an amazing next couple of weeks! Much love.

Photos thanks to Sarah!

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