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 How gorgeous is this Salvador Dali dress???

 Can we bring these fun sixties prints back please?

Hi friends! Hope you all had a great weekend.

I traveled to London on Friday with some classmates for a weekend full of museums and theatre. Pretty much all this girl right here can ask for. Oh and good food and shopping. So really, perfection. On Friday I spent the morning at the Tate Modern and had time to kill before we saw a show in the South Bank. So I poked around and there happened to be a fashion museum within walking distance!

The museum itself is pretty small and the current exhibit is the whole of what's on display. Currently it's the "Artist Textiles: Picasso to Warhol" exhibition. It was too fun! So many scarves and dresses designed (and sometimes even made!) by artists. As a fashion lover and art history minor it was practically heaven. Matisse is one of my absolute favorite artists and his silk scarves were predictably gorgeous. And I was surprised by Salvador Dali's designs - they were practically tame! I'm dying over that safari print dress of his. Would love to have that in my wardrobe. I also didn't expect just how much Picasso contributed to the textile industry - he even had designs for little kids' clothing! 

Swinging sixties music played throughout the exhibition and I was pleased to see the spotlight on female artists as well. (After all, were would the fashion industry be without us ladies?) There was also a spotlight on designer Sarah Cambell, whose vivacious and colorful designs were a favorite for Liberty Print.

Such a pleasant way to pass an afternoon. The cafe and gift shop looked inviting but sadly my time (and money) was running out. If you'll be in London at all over the next few months, be sure to check out the museum! It's on until mid-May. (

Back to work, work, work this week. And hopefully the sun will decide to come back.

Have a lovely Sunday! Thanks for reading.


  1. So fascinating. Love the scarf of the women's heads. Who made that?


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