Maui, Hawaii, USA


Top:similar, similar / Sunglasses:Celine / Earrings: Old Navy
And these impromptu photos are the last of my batch from Hawaii! And no the title is sadly not referring to the adorable pig who does not get the airtime he deserves in Moana - it's Hawaiian for flower. I picked up this flower on our…
Maui, Hawaii, USA

this summer i swam in the ocean

Swimsuit:Solid & Striped / Cover-Up:SummersaltSunglasses:Celine / Earrings:Etsy / Hat:Similar / Sandals:Birkenstocks
♫ Swimming Song - Loudon Wainwright ♫
I'll let you in on something weird about me - I'm not really a beach person. My idea of a beach is a wet outcropping in Ireland th…
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